e-Participation Policy

The basis of this e-Participation aims to initiate the culture and practise of e-inclusion in order to increase transparency and lay participation in improving the service quality of the Department of Minerals and Geosciences Malaysia (JMG).

JMG always encourages the involvement of the public to enable the Department to explore broader perspectives, sources of information, and solutions that have the potential to improve decisions and services. It also provides the basis for productive relationships, better dialogue and discussion, and regular management of affairs.

The objective of e-Participation is to involve people in the basic development and decision-making process through the use of information and communication technology.

Therefore, JMG really appreciates participation by complying with the terms and conditions for participation that have been set as follows:

  1. Any reality that touches the sensitivities of fellow ethnic groups, religion, or politics is completely prohibited.
  2. Prohibited from dropping anger, making personal attacks, or issuing statements that may offend other participants.
  3. Control your reality; avoid issuing harsh and nationalistic language.
  4. It is not encouraged to talk about or submit verses that run away from the main topic
  5. Topics and links to PORN webpages are strictly PROHIBITED.
  6. Make sure your facts and topics do not violate the rules of COPYRIGHT LAW', TRADEMARK LAW, PATENT LAW, and others.
  7. DO NOT use this e-Inclusion room as a place to run any contests, pyramid schemes, get-rich-quick schemes, internet money schemes, chain letters, or junk e-mails, whether commercial or otherwise
  8. It is not allowed to upload files that contain computer viruses such as "Trojan Horses", "worms", "time bombs", "cancel boot" viruses, or any software or programmes that may damage the operation of a user's computer.
  9. The administrator of the e-Participation room under no circumstances endorses, supports, represents, or guarantees the truth, accuracy, or trustworthiness of any facts or topics made in this e-Inclusion room. The individual himself should understand that any risks related to the use of any material in this room are borne by the individual himself.
  10. The administrator of the e-Participation room has the right to change and delete any statements or topics at any time without informing the author of the facts/topics concerned.
  11. The administrator of the e-Participation room has the right to request the Police and this e-Participation Guideline at any time without any announcements/notices.
  12. As a participant or issuing statements in this e-Participation room, you are bound by the terms and conditions of the e-Inclusion Guideline.

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