Occupational Safety and Health

Through a well-designed and systematic work culture, the Department of Minerals and Geosciences Malaysia (JMG) must ensure that all its employees and others who may be involved in its activities work in a healthy and safe environment.

In order to achieve this foundation, JMG will ensure that the following steps are properly implemented;

  1. Providing a safe and healthy workplace environment for employees and other parties through regular planning of work in various situations;
  2. Ensuring that the health and safety of workers are given a level that is balanced with the achievement of organisational productivity;
  3. Prioritising health and safety aspects in the design and evaluation of all scopes of function of the Position;
  4. Ensuring that all workers are given training, information, and directions as well as supervision regarding procedures for carrying out their duties safely without risk to health;
  5. Report and deal with any dangerous incidents and misfortunes that occur and take corrective and preventive actions with immediate effect; and 6 ensuring Occupational Health and Safety Management is carried out effectively with continuous improvements in line with the mission, vision, and objectives of the Office towards cultivating a safe and healthy work system from time to time.

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