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Researchers : Mr. Mohd ldham Mustaffar, Mr. Mohamad Haniza Mahmud, Mr. Mahadi Abu Hassan

Technology brief : Development of Glass-Ceramic Tile from Recycled Glass

Soda-lime glass (SLG) is the most common type of glass, usually in the form of sheet glass and glass containers. SLG is relatively inexpensive, chemically stable, and extremely workable. Hence, it is capable of being re-melted numerous times, it is ideal for glass recycling. SLG can be utilized effectively to form glass-ceramic materials for many purposes such as for tiling applications. In this aspect, SLG is mixed with colour pigment and clay binder and followed by sintering process at temperature around 700-800 °C to form dense body of glass-ceramic. The quality of glass-ceramic tile is determined by its high body strength and surface hardness, low water absorption and good chemical and stain resistance. By using this route process, two advantages are identified namely low production cost and the usage of waste material.


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