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Researchers: Abd Rahman Abd Aziz and Nasharuddin Isa

In conventional practice to produce PCC, the carbonation process is carried out by batches in a huge tank at one time. However, it takes longer times to carry out the carbonation process by batches due to low solubility of the calcium hydroxide in water. This would lead to low amount of produced PCC and also time consuming, that is less suitable for commercial production purpose. Therefore, this apparatus was designed for continuous process of producing PCC. Basically, the apparatus consists of a recarbonation cylindrical chamber with small orifices on the side of the cylinder to create air turbulence in the chamber. The solution of calcium ions (lime solution) was introduced into the reaction chamber using atomizing spray to convert the solution into atomizing droplets or mist which may speed up the recarbonation process. Compressed air will create air turbulence when it enters  into the reaction chamber through the orifices making the recarbonation process to complete within shorter times.

Advantages: The apparatus is able to continuously produce precipitated calcium carbonate.

Novelty: Reaction chamber for producing PCC almost instantly.

Invention: Filing the Patent with IP No. Pl 2012004692

Commercialisation: Ready to be commercialised.


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Researchers: Abd Rahman Abd Aziz and Nasharuddin Isa

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