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In-situ technique is a process where the carbonation to produce precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) and the impregnation step to introduce PCC to the pulp occur simultaneously. PCC is a wel-known filler to be used in paper besides clay, Si02 and ground calcium carbonate (GCC). Generally, high grade limestone is required to manufacture PCC and need to be produced initially before impregnation process in paper making. In in-situ technique the ionic solution is required to produce PCC where it can be prepared by using any form of calcium-based material that mixed together with sucrose solution and the undissolved solids are filtered to get the ionic solution. In this study, the calcium-based industrial waste such as carbide lime is used as raw material in preparing the ionic solution and subsequently to produce PCC. This technique is predicted to be popular in future, hence create more new players in the industries.

Advantages: Combined steps that reduce total time and cost and unlimited grad'e of limestone resources to be used as raw material as well as calcium-based industrial waste.

Novelty: The in-situ technique in preparing PCC loaded pulp for paper making.

Invention: Filing the Paten with IP number Pl 2014703714

Commercialisation: Ready to be commercialised.


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